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Top 5 Website Analysis Tools

Author: Gwen Davis

You’ve done well with your free domain name appraisal, and built a great website so you think earning money online just comes easy. But before you can make bank as a domain name investor, you need to know the stats. You’ve got to know who is coming to your site, how often, where they go, and how long they stay. You need to know how effective you are at getting conversions; that is, getting your visitors to perform the money-making action that you’re bringing them to the site to make. This information is what will get you more ad revenue and what will help you brand your site effectively. But how can you get such data? You’ll need web analytics; a domainer's tools of the trade. VisiStat makes some fantastic website analysis tools. Here are the top five:

1. Touch Mapping

There is probably no cooler web analytic tool than touch mapping. It’s like becoming a ghost and looking into the past. With touch mapping, you can see exactly where your visitors clicked on your pages, and you see it graphically represented, as if they’re doing it right there in front of you, only of course, they aren’t actually there. This tool can give you tremendous insight into how your website is working.

2. AdCam

Do you ever wish you had a marketing expert who could look at all your pages and give you the real time marketing info you need? Get AdCam, and you will. AdCam tracks all your marketing endeavors and gives you all the info you need on the important stats like conversions an bounce rates.

3. Page Alarm

If you’re the type of person that stays awake at night worrying about what’s happening with your business, you won’t want to try growing your Internet empire without Page Alarm. Page Alarm notifies you instantly if your site is in any danger, whether the site is simply down or there’s a problem with one or more of your conversion methods. You can get an automatic text or e-mail letting you know at the first sign of trouble.

4. LeadCaster

In this world of industrial espionage and idea theft, it helps to know who’s checking out your site. LeadCaster is like website caller ID. They think they’re lurking on your site, but you’re collecting all the information about the other companies that are visiting your site, including their contact information. Use LeadCaster to learn who’s interested in your services and who thinks that you are a dangerous competitor.

5. Visitor Identities

Visitor identities is an easy way to tag your analytics with basic information about your visitors. Essentially it’s a note-taking feature that will help you understand and analyze your website data more thoroughly.

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