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Website Hosting Basics
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Hosting a website is a two step process. Steps being:

1. Registering a Domain Name
2. Purchasing a Hosting Package

At times same company can offer you both services, or you may choose to register your domain through some other vendor and host them on some other company’s servers.

1. Domain Registration: This is the basic step that you need to identify a unique name for your business’s online representation. To make sure it remains unique, we have to get it registered, this registration process is called Domain Name Registration.

Since domain name registration is a straightforward process, so usually its price is same for all companies.

2. Website Hosting: Your website will of course be composed of some files, or at least index.html page. And there must be a place where you can put them so that everyone (your visitors) can see them, and files are served to them even if your personal computer is not turned on.

For this purpose we need a Disk Space or Hosting Space on a computer (Server) that remains available 24 / 7 / 365. That is exactly what we do when we get a website hosting space.

Since everything comes with a cost, and same is true for website hosting.

Hosting price packages by different companies varies largely based on period for hosting, quality of hosting (less downtimes), features provided etc. You need to research a bit to find a cost effective solution for your needs. we found
WebHostingPad.com to be the best so far.

If both domain name and hosting packages are acquired from same company, then you are saved from some extra effort of linking these two.

Your registered Domain Name, needs to know, from where this website pages are served. Thus they need to know a Domain Name Server’s address (DNS). When hosting separately, you need to get DNS from Website Hosting company and pass it to Domain Name Registrar.

Usually Hosting companies provide two DNSs, DNS 1 and DNS 2, to ensure site’s availability.

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